Membership Services

Cambridge University Press is looking to offer a package of membership related services to academic societies. This will comprise of a fully responsive microsite template that can be styled for each individual society, handling various aspects of society membership such as renewals and event registration.




We began by defining the structure of the site and identifying all the pages a user might see. We created wireframes or each of these pages, and then built user flows for key user objectives such as creating an account and buying tickets to an event. This involved thinking carefully about the various entry points users might have, and how this should affect what they see. 




We created InVision prototypes for our user flows, and then tested them with a variety of prospective users. The testing was conducted remotely through Skype, which enabled us to see first-hand what the users were seeing, where they were clicking and where they were getting stuck or having issues. This not only allowed us to confirm or disprove certain assumptions we had made, but also identify new opportunities for reducing friction and improving the user's experience. The findings were presented back to the client for transparency, and we iterated our designs in accordance.


UI Design

Once wireframes were signed off, we designed the look and feel of the site. This involved a balance between staying consistent with CUP's other forthcoming online offerings, and allowing enough scope for societies to customise their specific sites.




This site is currently being built by Cambridge University Press' in-house development team. This has meant supplying an initial delivery of a comprehensive design specification document, along with assets and HTML templates. We are also providing ongoing support by advising on UX/UI issues that have occurred during development, such as previously unforeseen removal or addition of features.