Scout Network is the section of the Scouts for 18 to 25 year olds. The Scout Association wants to offer young people an online platform where they can get in touch with fellow Network members and organise events and projects. Our job has been to guide the design of the platform after some initial development work was carried out. This has meant adjusting our process and working to constraints established by the existing build.




Whilst the initial development work had established certain principles in terms of the site's core structure, we began by wireframing all existing pages in order to more clearly understand how the site worked, and where we could most improve the user experience. We identified key user flows such as first use/onboarding, and project creation as areas of priority, and iterated our wireframe prototypes to demonstrate our suggestions to the client.


UI Concepts

The development groundwork has been largely unstyled, so another part of our job was to propose UI look and feel concepts to the client. The challenge was to keep to the existing Scout brand guidelines, but also create something that felt fresh and would attract young people in a way that the majority of Scout visuals fail to do. My UI proposal focused on aspirational imagery that conveyed a sense of adventure.



Our proposals are currently being implemented, and the first stage of this project is nearing launch. We are now working on Stage 2 which involves the addition of new features which were not considered in scope for the MVP, as well as advising on ongoing UX/UI improvements and testing new features for bugs.