Here are some detailed case studies for some of the projects I have worked on. My aim is to give an idea of the approach, considerations and process behind the work in my portfolio. Below you can also find a link to my current CV and a link to download a PDF copy of my main portfolio.



Atom bank

A challenger bank providing financial services exclusively through a mobile app.


Salus iT500

A mobile app for programming and controlling a smart thermostat.


Membership Services (Cambridge University Press)

A microsite template allowing academic societies to offer online membership services.


Scouts Network

An online platform to help Scouts aged 18-25 manage and take part in projects and events.


Author Hub (Cambridge University Press)

An online platform to help authors access resources and keep track of the publishing process for their books.


FG Tyre Pressure

A simple mobile app to help farmers make tyre pressure calculations in the field.