Farmer’s Guardian - Tyre Pressure

The purpose of this app was to provide an easy to use tool for farmers to make tyre pressure calculations in the field, without an internet connection. The client already had the necessary logic and equations for the calculations, as well as an in-house development team. My role was therefore to design an app that could receive input quickly and easily, and display output as clearly and efficiently as possible.



User Interface

The priority for this project was clarity, as the app must be easy to read and use in all conditions. I have tried to keep all the touch targets in the app large and easy to hit, as well as judicious use of a bold, clear font for certain elements such as calls to action and results headings. The interface communicates to the user which fields need input, and which sections have been completed. Part of the brief was to use native UI elements as much as possible. This was partly to save time for the developers, and partly to allow the app to be ported more easily to Android.  




The client was very pleased with the outcome, especially the simple visual style of the app, and wanted to apply it to their future apps. We provided screen designs and assets, along with style guidelines for how to expand the UI and principles of this app to others, with the hopes of establishing a coherent interface style across their suite of apps.